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The Management

A Spirit of Dedication

Ben Volk and Jay Volk take pride in both owning and managing their four apartment complexes. They maintain the apartments like their own homes and believe that they themselves would feel comfortable living in any given unit. The partners work well together, using their individual strengths to personally attend to maintenance and rental issues alike. Your satisfaction is always foremost in their minds.

Ben and Jay Volk

Meet the Landlords

Ben Volk (pictured on the right) graduated from CBC High School and earned a Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri. For most of his career he served as President of Beta Raven Inc., an electronics company. In 1994 he joined V&G on a full time basis.

Jay Volk (pictured on the left) graduated from Chaminade High School and received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Washington University. Prior to joining V&G on a full time basis, Jay served as the Vice President, Director of Engineering for Beta Raven Inc.